Wisdom’s Crown

•Ishan Project: 3/362•



“Give your flowers while you can,” my grandmother said two years before breast cancer took her life. These flowers in chalk stand out against the background of paint like a crown that accompany eyes that are open. I hold those wise words to my heart, trying daily to imitate her example.

This lesson the Ishan know very well. They had grown complacent thinking they had won the war against the Tritons. This is right before the Dark Sleep, as they call it. This took them unexpectedly, plunging their race into a state of comatose that lasted over a thousand years. There’s one bizarre fact that doesn’t fit, though. I’ve been working with AnaLi Q (I’ll be telling you how I met her later on during the course of the project) and we have discovered a solid wooden chair from the 12th century. I know you’re probably thinking, “What’s so unusual about that?” The thing is that wooden chairs aren’t supposed to be magnetic. That proves that there have been Ishan awake during the time of the Dark Sleep. The Ishan can manipulate magnetic fields, so this wood had to come from some Ishan.  Who are they and how were they able to escape this Dark Sleep? That’s what we’re going to find out…

WISDOM’S CROWN / Acrylic, Pastel / 24″ x 24″


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