The Bleeding Chair

•Ishan Project: 7/358•



Magnetism. This subject has puzzled many. For centuries scientist have discovered its healing effects unseen by the human eye.  They say opposites sometimes attract.

Rïden watched with desperation as he witnessed his fellow kin fall to the bloodthirsty Triton clan.  Their decimation had been so sudden and cruel, it took them by surprise.  “I have to escape!” And so he flees through swampy terrain not allowing his feet to touch the ground.  Behind him he hears limbs, branches snapping from violent force. “I can’t look back!”  He hears a howl.  His pace quickens.  Near the borders, he recognizes a cabin with lights flickering inside by candlelight.  He  knocks on the door, an older East Indian man opens the door and welcomes him warmly into his lodging.  Rïden tells his story and the elder listens patiently.  A close bond between them has now begun.  This magnetic chair was a result of this bond created. How? We’ll find out in the next few weeks.

THE BLEEDING CHAIR / Pencil, Ink / 9″ x 11″


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