•Ishan Project: 9/356•



Timeline: Present Day. Location: San Francisco.
Preet has now boldy stepped onto the scene.  They’ve tried to silence her. But despite whatever obstacles she encounters, she’s now determined to awaken her clan.
For centuries, the Tritons’ have attempted to silence the Ishan. And they’ve done so successfully. Now, we find ourselves at a standstill.  Reports have flourished that this story has now become viral.  The Ishan have now been revived progressively, and their confidence has been amplified!  Some humans however, have still found themselves succumbed to this plague of amnesia.  This forgetful state has spread like wildfire. What can we do to stop this? How can we help the Ishan race and awaken our fellow man?  We have to let everyone know…

PREET  / Pencil, Markers / 11″ x 9″


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