•Ishan Project: 13/352•



Have you ever heard of a cat that has lived with humans so long, it begins to think it is one? One of so-called “Queen” Chundra’s creations is such a pet “on crack,” in a sense. This biologically enhanced “pet” doesn’t see himself as a pet at all (even though all he does is Chundra’s fetching). Many normal birds are known to have the intelligence of a five year old. His has been enhanced to surpass the average human. In addition, after all that “enhancement”  he stands at about 9 feet tall. He is head of the “Birdface” crew, named after himself, of course. They are a group of birds that he has also biologically enhanced to be just a little less intelligent, a bit smaller, and just as scary as him. They are very sensitive about being associated with other idiotic birds, so they steal people’s faces to wear them as masks to remind us that they are better than us.

BIRDFACE  / Pencil, Ink, Markers / 5.5″ x 8.5″

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