•Ishan Project: 18/347•



Satisfied. He’s warm again. It kinda surprises him. He didn’t know it would feel so good to give to another like this. He always did what he wanted to do. This made him content. It seemed counterproductive to his happiness to give to another unless he got something in return. Until he met Netra, he didn’t know what it was to really be connected to another being. Even if she didn’t forgive him, he knew this would make her smile. He was proud that he was willing to cut off his right branch for her. He knew this was the least he could do. Her father was dead,  and he couldn’t change that. She told him that the only thing she ever wanted was to have the power to protect those she loved and herself. Cutting off this branch was a start.

PREM / Acrylic, Ink, Pencil /  5.5″ x 8.5″


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