True Birds Fly High

•Ishan Project: 17/348•

True Birds Fly High


Depression has now sapped Rïden’s energy.  He feels himself getting lethargic.  Regret.  Pain. Now depression.  Eyes heavy with fatigue, he lays down in a grassy terrain. His branches extended, he starts to close his eyes.

He’s suddenly startled by a buzzing noise. Then he hears a voice. “Get up, you have to fix this now.” He opens his eyes to find this hummingbird hovering over him.

TRUE BIRDS FLY HIGH / Acrylic, Ink / 10″ x 6″

5 thoughts on “True Birds Fly High

  1. I am enjoying this anthropologic journey! And am in love with this piece in particular… the ink over acrylic details = soft with hard edges… the color combination really pops. Keep up the awesome work! I’m intrigued!!!

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