Sore Eyes

•Ishan Project: 21/344•



Eyes that were once weak are now powerful. Enough time has been spent on crying. 

The Forecaster has sent watchers to their home. Reports show there’s a possibility Rïden returned to the vicinity. 

Especially since Rïden and Netra have children, these murderers won’t be taking the lives of their family without a fight again. Rïden plans on running again, but not out of cowardice this time. He plans on allowing himself to be captured. He wants the Forcaster and the Birdface Crew to find him. They can get him to the Queen. She has something he needs: information.  What caused his kin to go into the Dark Sleep? And what was it that made him immune?

SORE EYES / Acrylic,Pencil,  Ink / 6″ x 10″


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