The Scream Turned Whisper

•Ishan Project: 28/337•

Scream turned wisper


A  scientist walks into his ancient laboratory in the year 699, and studies his specimen carefully. He notices that this ordinary species of bird has finally developed enhanced skills. For years he would perform gruesome experiments on creatures. He invested too much of his life on this project. There was no way he would give up on finding the right combination of elements to make himself more advanced than any other man.

Now, this was his 239th one. Results are better than expected.  This bird has grown 6″ everyday for a full month.  He takes out his spear and stabs the bird in its hind feathers every so often. This is to remind it who is its superior.  The bird begins to bleed. It has many sores that can’t heal, because it keeps being hit in the same place so often. It goes crazy squawking around it’s cage dripping with puss and blood.

“Aw, a response”, satisfied, he smiles to himself, “What a dull-witted creature.” Then he notices the bird do something out of the ordinary. First, it twitches, and then abruptly stops. The bird slowly turns his head eerily towards the scientist. It’s neck literally spinning a full 270°. The bird’s stare became focused.  Almost as if it were thinking like a human, and about to speak.  “That’s different”, the scientist says.

He notices it beginning to turn its whole body towards him.  “Interesting.” The only thing now separating the two is the cage its been held in. The scientist is puzzled by the birds sudden aggressive nature, yet he remembers the barrier between them and  feels secure.

The bird looks around now at the edges and corners of the room it’s been trapped in, as if its looking for an escape. Maybe even a way to get to the scientist. Instantaneously it twist it’s beak and arches its neck high towards the ceiling. Then it lets out a loud squawk!  The noise stops. The bird slowly returns its gaze toward the scientist.  It opens it’s mouth and says, “Your face will be the first of many.”

THE SCREAM TURNED WHISPER / Acrylic,  Pencil / 9″ x 12″

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