Koyu Q

•Ishan Project: 29/336•

Koyu Q


‘Clank, clank’… Rïden hears their footsteps. He knows they’re coming for him. For days now Chûndra has been experimenting on the Ishan in vain.  “How is it they’ve transferred their powers to humans?”, she wonders. She’s preserved Rïden for further questioning.  He hasn’t spoken though. He just sits in his cell contemplating his next move: listening, observing.  But much more has happened. He allowed her to capture him from the start. Now he’s gotten a clue to how she’s been able to drug so many into sleep. He hasn’t figured out its secret entirely but he has an idea how to awaken a few at a time.
But now his time is running out. Out of desperation Chûndra now will come for him too.  He’s going to need help with waking up the others. He can’t do it alone. The unfortunate thing is the nearest Ishan is one he despises: Koyu Q.  Who is he?

KOYU Q / Acrylic,  Pencil, Pastels / 9″ x 12″


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