A Twinkle Before the Dark Sleep

•Ishan Project: 30/335•

A Profile of Preet


Preet shows me this profile of her when she was 16. With a twinkle in her eye she relates to me how life was before the Dark Sleep. It was a time when Ishan and human’s were friends.  Laughing she talked about how, as children, Koyu would cheat at Solenoid Ball by tripping her to break her concentration right when she was about to make the winning goal. The smell of her mother’s rolls would spread though out  Ishandria. No one could magnetize the dough the way her mother could. They would melt in your mouth. She even remembered  AnaLi and Chûndra being best friends. Inseparable.

A PROFILE OF PREET / Chalk, Pencil /  5.5″ x 8.5″


28 thoughts on “A Twinkle Before the Dark Sleep

  1. Hi Leah, thanks for visiting my blog Abstract Reception and liking my latest post. I like the colors and the papers you use. Wishing you the best of luck with your art.

    1. Thank you. This piece for some reason was liked recently by the audience so much I felt it was only right to give the audience another profile of several of these characters. Each has their own distinct characteristics and personalities and will be featured soon. Thanks to you and everyone for helping to fuel this creative process and support the public awareness of this forgotten species ^+^

  2. Hi Leah,
    I took some time this evening to look closer at your postings (also on your FB).
    Your talent is manifest and it is a joy to have the privilege to view your works.
    I shared a link to your FB page with my daughter, who has been accepted into a technical high school offering a complete fine arts program. She’ll be preparing the portfolio for the fine arts jury during the coming academic year. I think that viewing your creations will serve to motivate her. The innate creativity in us all must be nurtured. Keep up the great work.

    1. I appreciate you sharing and thank you for your comment Yvonne. It’s a pleasure hearing about your daughter as well. Give her my regards.

      This particular painting was inspired from the audience here on WordPress. I’ve recently seen a surge of interest from several countries on DAY 30 “A Twinkle Before the Dark Sleep: A Profile of Preet”. The audience’s attention to this piece prompted me to give them a closer look at each individual character. What are their thoughts and behaviors. After all, this is an Anthropologic Study of the Ishan.;) For the next few days I will be dissecting inside of this project. We will take an unexpected turn into their backgrounds and profiles. It’s almost as if we are having a show within a show. Many of you have been supporting this so well, I wanted to give back to you. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting your thoughts. 

  3. Thanks for visiting me at xballerina! I’m so glad to get a chance to see your project. What wonderfully creative art and ideas. I love these types of out of the box stories that I have run across blogging lately. Very cool synthesis of real art and the digital age. Feel free to visit me again for more inspiration and artful thoughts!

    1. I’m grateful to hear from you. Yes the Ishan Project is a unique mix of mystery, scifi, suspense, technology and art all mixed up in one. It’s audience’s comments, I feel, help keep fueling the fire of its creative process. In this particular painting i.e. I painted three more due to its reaction on this blog. Thanks again and I really look forward to networking with you.

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