•Ishan Project: 31/334•

True magnetism


Nerve impulses have been said to travel through the nervous system and brain and are a form of human electricity created by chemical processes in the body. For instance, an electric current gets stimulated when two separate pair of eyes meet. Some call it magnetism. The human retina contains a special protein called crypto-chromes which is responsible for the magnetic sense we have in our eyes. The Ishan have this process in their bodies but on a higher level.  Humans have these traits but they must be willingly trained.  Whenever we show compassion or do a kind act for others we feel so good inside.

Just like children develop their motor skills through use, the Ishan develop and learn their heightened abilities by playing through games as children and other academic studies.

MAGNETOSENSOR / Pencil,  Marker / 9″ x 9″


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