•Ishan Project: 46/319•



 Chûndra couldn’t help but be drawn to Anali, because Anali’s life was so different from hers. When Chundra watched Anali with her parents, she felt a burning in her stomach. “What makes her so great that they love her so much?” she would wonder to herself.  “Why is it that she was born with great parents and a peaceful life when others are born struggling? No one has a perfect life. Someone has to teach that to Anali. It’s only fair.” Chûndra was curious. Deep down, she also wanted to be involved with tipping the scales a bit, too. Until then Chûndra waits. She laughs when Anali makes jokes and she comforts Anali when she is upset with her infinitesimal problems.


ECLIPSE / Pencil, Ink, Gouache /  5.5″ x 8.5″


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