•Ishan Project: 49/316•



A little slow. That was Anali’s teacher’s reaction as she observed her clumsiness as the rest of the class had no problem levitating small iron cylinders called oables, which were used to help Ishan toddlers refine their magnetic abilities. Anili’s parents wouldn’t let her feel dejected. Her father would lift her up and set her on the second tier of his branches. Then he would remind her that all of us have different strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is superior to each other in one way or another. Life is much happier when we are happy for others. Work hard and celebrate the moments where you reach your personal goals. He said, “The funny thing about life is that when you have to work so hard on those weakness, you might find yourself eventually above average. That weakness will become your strength.”
She thought she was being a good friend. Anali looking back would kick herself because she had been so naive to think that was the way everyone felt. That’s why she couldn’t pick up on Chûndra’s cues. Chûndra would even say cruel things on purpose, just to see if Anali would let her. Then laugh condescendingly when she would.
HONE / Gouache,  Pencil / 9″ x 12″

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