Keep Your Ear to the Ground

•Ishan Project: 81/284•



It’s rumored that this saying originated from Native Americans who would put their ear to the ground to track oncoming Buffalo or Armies.

Anali had thought she tried everything after she had difficulty understanding Cherry’s communication with the BFC (Birdface Crew). She knew he was communicating somehow, but when she would follow him, all there was, was silence.   The sound was indistinguishable from any other call she’s ever heard.  Then she decides to actually  place her ear to the ground. First she senses a vibration. Then a dull noise. She digs her branches in the ground to identify any fluctuations. A smile begins to comes over her face as she finally begins to understand.

KEEP YOUR EAR TO THE GROUND / Pencil, Gouache /  3.5″ x 5.5″


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