Flowers in the Shadows

•Ishan Project: 83/282•



It had been 12 years since her father was made to leave this house by Chûndra. Aram was still in her mother’s womb at that time with her twin brother.
Her mother, Netra, has protected their family day in and day out by placing a magnetic forcefield around their property to withstand Chûndra’s army. She still is only human. She has to rest every year for six weeks to regain her strength to continue.
This time, the Birdface Crew has taken notice.  Netra tried to let her children have as normal a childhood as she could. She felt so overjoyed as she watched them grow. They weren’t teenagers yet, but almost. If she could have just protected them one more year, they would be able to resist on their own. She feels a part of her beginning to die as she realizes she will have to witness the death of her family, again.
As she watches the birds enter their house, Aram begins to shiver. It’s as if an iciness has been shot from her stomach to her spine. The closer the invaders come, the more this chill would shoot through her small frame, until it began to hurt.

FLOWERS IN THE SHADOWS / Pencil, Gouache, Chalk /  5.5″ x 8.5″


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