•Ishan Project: 86/279•



(Cont. Day 85) She doesn’t even flinch when the oversized bully of a bird lunges toward her.  Aram just stands there, unafraid. Suddenly, she notices the flames from the fireplace stop moving. A feather from the buzzard that had been falling stood in mid air. She reaches her hand out and grabs it. Then, she notices the Buzzard’s crazed expression has also frozen.  Spittle hangs loosely from its beak, and his tongue is protruded from his mouth. As she looks around, she notices that the entire room—No! Time—has stopped.  What’s happening?

“You’ve discovered your power my child.”  She’s startled as she turns across the room to locate her mother’s voice.  Netra begins to rise from the debris she’s covered in.  Somehow she hasn’t been affected by the slow passage of time. As she pulls her weary body out of bed, her posture becomes fully upright.

“But mom, shouldn’t you be resting…,” she offers.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m here by your side now.  You’ve discovered your talent.  I knew it was in you, I just didn’t realize it would develop so rapidly.  Your training begins now. Today.”

Aram turns to the crazed creature who just a few minutes ago viciously intruded into her family’s home.  The other birds had been standing outside each entrance patrolling yet being entertained by their General’s actions.

She senses another electric current beginning to rise.  The pink hue flowing out of her is like a thick bright paint being artistically drawn from her cranium.

MONOPOLE / Pencil, Gouache, Acrylic, Chalk /  5.5″ x 8.5″


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