A Dark Smile

•Ishan Project: 108/257•



Netra awakens to a dark room and a sharp pain running down her arm. As her eyes fully open she sees a dark figure across the room smiling eerily. “Chûndra.” The figure begins to laugh. Electricity bursts into a sharp pain that pulsates through her, yet she focuses to maintains her clarity. This is only temporary. It’s time for her family to leave. She needs to get Chûndra to tell her–or better yet– show her where Rïden is.

Netra notices a familiar flower tucked under her left ear. Her daughter’s. Through the pain, she’s tells Chûndra, “So I see you’ve harnessed Aram’s power. How cute.” Chûndra smiles proudly to acknowledge her insight.  Netra continues, “The power my husband gave me is phenomenal. Oh, but I guess you haven’t figured out how to take that yet have you…”

That’s when Chûndra explodes.

A DARK SMILE / Gouache, Pen / 5.5″ x 8.5″


5 thoughts on “A Dark Smile

    1. Thanks. This is a project were I’m doing one painting everyday for a full year. Understandably some paintings, sculpture, or other forms of media may or may not move each of us individually. I definitely appreciate and welcome any comments regarding this public awareness however. Thanks again. -Leah

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