Binding Scent

•Ishan Project: 109/256•



(Con’t from Day 108) Chûndra raises her arms over and over again, and an electric current begins to pulsate from her fingertips. But the power built up suddenly dies out. Netra now begins to rise up, brushing her shackles off her as if they were feathers.  Chûndra is stunned. With one more attempt she tries to raise her arms but Netra, using her magnetic ability, grabs them both and throws her head first out the room. The doors close behind her. When Chûndra finally gains her composure she looks angrily into Netra’s cell. She notices that Netra has the flower in her hand now. Netra sniffs it to take in her daughters scent.

BINDING SCENT / Gouache, Pencil, Acrylic / 10″ x 6″


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