Wretched Intent

•Ishan Project: 110/255•



As Netra places the flower close to her nose, Chûndra’s jealousy boils inside her.  She thought she was in full control of the situation. Now it’s as though her power’s are slipping through her fingers.  “I’ll teach her,” she says as she rushes off to Rïden’s cell. She had kept him well hidden from the others. Tonight she’d wreck havoc.

Meanwhile, Chaen has been patrolling the entrance.  He’s been pacing back and forth like a drone on guard. The whole time, watching the door handle.  Now, Chûndra angrily flies out. He carefully follows her. He knows her intent.

As they take each turn, he memorizes each angle. He would need to use his magnetic capabilities to mentally alert his mother, Netra, of his father’s whereabouts.

WRETCHED INTENT / Gouache, Pencil, Acrylic / 10″ x 6″


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