•Ishan Project: 113/252•



Chûndra picks up the remaining branches and petals she had removed from Aram which were still bleeding. She  begins to twist them intricately to create a crown for herself as a reminder as it constantly bleeds.  She cries out, “Why is everything I deserve taken from me?”

She then looks down from her window’s vantage point and sets her eyes on the forest where the family has escaped.  “So it seems you’ve all won this battle. Don’t get too comfortable,” she whispers out the window.  As she stares, she begins to get a glimpse in her mind as to what their escape will mean for her. That sends a chill through her spine.  “Drones, summon The Forecaster!”

4BEARANCE / Gouache, Pencil, Acrylic / 10″ x 6″



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