•Ishan Project: 114/251•

113 Partition


He can smell the scent of the boy’s flower pulsating in his left ventricle as this boy, Chaen, leaps through the forest like a gazelle. He moves slowly now that he’s caught sight of his target, the boy’s twin sister Aram. Chûndra never releases her playthings, and this one was too important to her.

For centuries, The Forecaster developed a knack for hunting Ishan. He already was familiar with this family, having had encounters with them all several years ago (see DAY 14 &16).  As he arches his bow back, he momentarily holds his breath, then releases. He was a Master Archer. Able to hit targets from great distances. Each arrow had been dipped in Chûndra’s new chemical warfare, Sufna, to ensure the mark stay down.

The boy hears a whistling in his left ear. He quickly lays his sister down on the ground and leaps over her. The arrow tore right through Chaen’s left clavicle as he catapulted in the air from the impact.

As Netra glances over her shoulder to see the commotion, she begins to feel as though her insides have just been ripped apart.

PARTITION / Gouache, Pencil, Acrylic, Ink / 10″ x 6″

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