A Kept Heart

•Ishan Project: 115/250•



Our sight is something that we tend to trust, but she didn’t want to today. Netra began pulling on her hair to try to wake from this nightmare. Then she saw the animal, that put a hole in the beautiful son of hers, begin moving toward her daughter. Immediately the forest begins to vibrate from her energy to the point that the leaves begin to be transformed into pulsating sparks. Energy with its attention all locked, loaded and pointed towards one terrible creature.

Netra locates him immediately hidden in the lush forest. A sharp burst of light pulsates from her. He draws back an arrow, but she’s too quick. He is too, but not fast enough. The energy violently knocks The Forecaster down.  The feather from the arrow’s tail was singed onto his face (DAY 14).  He hurriedly ran back to Chûndra’s lair.  He decided this was the last time he would be humiliated by this family. Next time, he’ll come with an army.

As Netra bends down to look at her baby boy breathe his last breath, a deep wave of grief comes over her.  “How could I have been so careless,” she wales out loud.

Before Chaen’s body begins to deteriorate, she puts her hands onto his chest and tries to heal him, but it was too late.  All that was able to be rejuvinated was his heart. Netra wasn’t about to leave it for Chûndra to exploit. She bends over him, and like a skilled physician, she delicately removes the heart from his thorax and places it carefully in her satchel.


A KEPT HEART / Acrylic / 8″ x 11″

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