Royal Trip

Ishan Project: 141/224•



“The greedy never get what they want.”  Netra had sent this message to Chûndra who was so shocked she tripped and her crown fell off her head onto the floor.

Earlier, Chûndra had beefed up her forces to search for them. Finally one night, one of the finches happened to be in the right spot. At first they were difficult for the bird to see.  Unfortunately for the bird, Koyu caught sight of him first. They knew immediately it was one of Chûndra’s. They decided to let the bird see them. The bird first saw Aram in a meadow through the trees. He decides to move in closer. As Pinch the Finch came from around a cluster of trees, Netra pins his wings with her arms from behind. The bird was scared out of it’s wits! They told him  he could be let go on one condition, and that condition was he had to deliver this message.

ROYAL TRIP / Acrylic / 10″ x 9″


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