A Compliant Lonely

•Ishan Project: 164/201•



“It was a difficult thing being buried underground and forced asleep. The worst part was the loneliness I felt while being in that coma. I would tell time by the seasons. I would feel the wind on my branches,  the rain, the snow, and the blistering heat year after year. Finally, a young couple built a house on top of the land I was buried under. It was so comforting hearing the laughter of their children as they played on my limbs. I felt alive. Part of a family again. In a sense, I got to watch—or more accurately—hear them grow up. They pruned my branches and fertilized my roots. They took care of me. I loved that family, but I was invisible to them. It’s funny being in love with a people who don’t know you exist. I hoped one day they would love me back, but even if they never would, I could live with that. They kept me from being lonely and I will always be thankful to them.”

—A contributed memoir of an Ishan buried in Raleigh, North Carolina

A COMPLIANT LONELY / Graphite, Oil Pastels, Gouache / 3.5″ x 5.5″


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