Linger With Pleasure

•Ishan Project: 169/196•



Anali allows her branches to rest from all of the activity.  Since she found Koyu, her mind and body are at peace. As her limbs extend towards the sky, soaking in the rays from the sun, you can hear her leaves wrestling.  She closes her eyes to linger in this moment, but can’t for long. She must use this time of peace to reassess her situation. Already in the distance she could hear the storm approaching.

LINGER WITH PLEASURE / Gouache, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″


7 thoughts on “Linger With Pleasure

  1. Oh no, all credit to your creations!! I don’t know if it was the wispy hummer in the corner, or the contrast between the peaceful image and the ominous warning in the words that made the post standout, either way, I loved it…

  2. This is beautiful Leah! Just when I think you can’t create anything MORE beautiful, you surprise me! With each post I’m drawn in by both the artwork and the story… and I’m inspired to start creating again!

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