The Fall

•Ishan Project: 170/195•



This Ishan woman was buried next to Bodega Bay for quite a long time, but was freed by a violent storm.  She  unfortunately was swept into the Russian River by a fierce current.  She awoke contorting her body before her descent into the waterfall.  Despite her “Roots” being damaged a bit, she pulled through.

 THE FALL / Acrylic, Pastels, Wood Carving / 48″ x48″


5 thoughts on “The Fall

    1. Wow! Thanks:) Her story was so compelling to me. I imagined she felt as twisted on the inside as her body had become on the outside, because of what she had gone through. I started it last year and completed it recently. Having the chance to work on it slowly, it became a muse for the Ishan Project.

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