Anali Q During The Festival Of Aioida

•Ishan Project: 175/190•

Day 2 of 10 Recap of the Ishan Projects first 6 months.



Friends since they were young children, Anali couldn’t stand to see the pain Chûndra would go through feeling unloved by her father. So Anali decided to become her family. Anali’s family also decided to accept Chûndra as their own. Chûndra knew she should be happy and appreciative, but instead allowed jealousy of Anali to eat away at their relationship. Eventually, Chûndra grew tired of putting up with Anali. Anali was crushed. She found herself spinning out of control, putting an end to a destructive and unhealthy friendship with a person she loved deeply. But just as that was ending, she now found herself in a different type of relationship. One with a person she thought was her enemy, but finally realized would become her closest friend.

Koyu was one that cared for her more that anyone else. Unfortunately, he happened to be friends with Chûndra before Anali had, and Chûndra felt he was her only confidant. The more she would try to hurt Anali, the closer she and Koyu became. Chûndra unwittingly put the two together. Now she had no one. Chûndra decided she wouldn’t stop until Anali experienced what it feels like to be alone and unloved.

ANALI Q DURING THE FESTIVAL OF AIOIDA / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″


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