A Slaughter For Greed

•Ishan Project: 180/185•

Day 7 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



Chûndra’s hunger for the magnetic powers of the Ishan drove her into a tyranny. She would send her birds out to seek sleeping Ishan. Then she had them sever limb after limb of those helpless sleeping beings for her experiments. All failed. Frantic, she kept sending her soldiers to the house of Rïden and Netra, trying everything she could to seize either the bleeding chair or Rïden himself. Rïden knowing she wouldn’t stop decided to let her catch him. To endure torture was the least he could do to protect his family. It would also provide an opportunity to learn how she put his brethren in a state of unconsciousness. 

Chûndra experimented extensively on Rïden, fashioning his branches into all kinds of objects and tinctures, but nothing worked. Chûndra continued to harass Netra and her two children despite having Rïden in her possession. Eventually, the kids grew older, and with that, the powers they received from their parents became stronger and refined. They grew tired of being harassed and they wanted Rïden back. They left their house to find Chûndra’s lair to help Rïden escape. It lead to the capture of Netra, which was planned. It also led to the capture of Aram, Netra’s daughter, which wasn’t planned. Chûndra performs painful experiments on Aram which finally work. As Chûndra tries to get used to her new powers, Chaen, Netra’s son, steps in and leads the family to their escape. Chûndra crushed and insane with anger, takes a few branches she had left over from Aram’s spine and fashions them into a crown.

LIVING BRANCHES OF ARAM BEING FASHIONED INTO A CROWN / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6


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