The Buried Awake

•Ishan Project: 181/184•

Day 8 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



As the family escapes her castle, Chûndra senses their reunion will harm her plans. She sends out The Forecaster to track them down. While viciously hunting the family he attempts to pin Aram down with bow and arrow.  Chaen lunges to her rescue but is killed.   Netra’s magnetic abilities explodes searing the Forecaster’s left cheek. He runs for cover. This experience traumatizes the family leaving them in a dormant state.  Over a century would past until our heroes reignite. During this time Aram discovers, that as a hybrid, she not only can control her magnetism but can also heal others.

Rïden has tried over several decades to reunite the Ishan with mankind. To do it successfully, he knows he would need help. He remembers that while in captivity Chûndra used a rare salt like substance when experimenting with the limbs she had stolen from the Ishan who’d fallen asleep. He seeks out Brine who could smell in “stereo” to locate this rarity. He then uses it to awaken his fallen friend Koyu Q. Once awoken, Koyu becomes obsessed with locating Anali Q and his other fallen comrades. In the meantime, Riden’s family along with Koyu begin recruiting humans to help them in their endeavor of reversing the effects of Chûndra’s atrocities.

We come to 1988. All of the Ishan around the world have finally been awakened. Koyu’s search for AnaLi leads him to Nashville, TN. Because of his constant activity, the BFC is able to track his whereabouts.  A fight ensues between them and this creates a large storm which wakens a young girl. As she steps outside, her eyes blossom like a flower, and the Awakening begins.

PREET AS SHE AWOKE ON MOUNT LLULLAILLACO IN 1988 / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″


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