An Appreciative Thank You!

Yesterday we celebrated DAY 200 of the Ishan Project. It’s really been a pleasure hearing all of your comments and interpretations on these paintings. The 4bearance has been sharing the same sentiments. They never go unnoticed. Especially in view of the fact that Chûndra and the Birdface Crew have become increasingly upset as this project continues. In fact, they haven’t been shy of expressing this in the messages they’ve been sending to me discouraging me to stop this project. So all of the encouragement is very much appreciated. But more’s to come. 4bear will be giving us more information on how we each can play a unique role in supporting their efforts to stop Chûndra’s brainwashing and let others know about what’s happening now. So to all of you: Thanks, Shukreyah, Merci, Teşekkürler, Gracias, Arigato,
Dunvad, Grazie-much love to all of you and have a wonderful day!



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