A Desolate Mind

•Ishan Project: 202/163•



She sit’s up high in a balcony in a two story chalet on a hill that overlooks the city of interest. Her interest. It’s already started. Chûndra has made sure her Sufna formula has penetrated every inch of town during the past three months. Slowly lulling the residents into an enjoyable stupor. At least she enjoys it. They most likely don’t even realize what’s happening.

It’s working out nicely. She knows this before the day she introduced herself to the woman pictured in this painting. A woman she had been watching, as she was one of the few that had been fighting the formula for some time. Resisting the effects on her mind. Today though, Chûndra suggests, after a short introduction, not to use the car when she picks up her children from school. Instead, why not walk? Or even better, go to the school whilst hopping on one leg. Funny. She did. No one reacted particularly surprised in the town. Chûndra considers going down to meet her again to tell her to stop. Aahhh, maybe tomorrow.

A DESOLATE MIND / Gouache, Color Pencil Chalk / 3.5″ x 5.5″


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