Sweetness In Front of Bitter

•Ishan Project: 206/159•



Anali remembers the last meeting…It didn’t end well. Chûndra caught wind of the 4bearance’s arrival to North America. Too much blood had been shed.  Too many Ishan had fallen. The 4 primary members (Anali / Koyu Q & Rïden/Netra) barely escaped with their lives. This failure served as a reminder that they had needed to diverse their activities internationally.

Can you keep a secret?  They’ve chosen San Francisco as their next meeting point.  As Anali Q prepares the soil for her guest’s arrival, she reviews the information that Jeth has sent her.  They’d need to carry out this plan with caution and discernment.  Reports have been heard The Forecaster may be monitoring their electric pulse trying to pinpoint their activity once again.  This was a battle they weren’t prepared to fight. They’d need time.

SWEETNESS IN FRONT OF BITTER / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″


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