Designed Chemical Love

•Ishan Project: 219/146•



Our bodies form a biochemical that runs through our veins and communicates with the rest of our body when we love. Chûndra can only trusts the chemicals she creates. Take for example this Triton: Kalese.

Overlooked from her youth like The Slayer, she’d been taken in by Chûndra. Chûndra became the mother she never had.  She revered Chûndra’s work. She studied and practiced her style. She amplified her disgust for the Ishan. And she implemented her control over the BFC. She loved her, but Chûndra would never (excuse me could never) completely trust independent love. There would need to be insurance. She can’t rely on another to be loyal of free will. She only trust herself and her chemical influence. Love or at least loyalty by chemical design. She poisoned the daughter she never had slowly. In return, she slows the aging process of Kalese, as she has done for herself.

For Kalese, there’s no need for a muzzle. The vapor has embedded itself in every tissue of her body, and flows freely through her bloodstream. Her loyalty is inextricably voluntary and involuntary.

But now news has reached the palace that a defector, a renegade has betrayed them. She’d find this traitor promptly and inform her mistress of her devotion. She, no doubt, will be rewarded well.

 DESIGNED CHEMICAL LOVE / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″


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