•Ishan Project: 221/144•



(Con’t from Day 220) First her tendrils began vibrating. Then a mixture began, a changing of the ingredients of circumstance. First in India. Then Africa. Next Russia, which hopped into Spain and both Americas. Turkey, Japan, Portugal, and Buenos Aires also became benefactors. When she stepped back and saw her first days efforts bear seed, she was overjoyed.

MIXTURE / Gouache, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 4″


7 thoughts on “Mixture

  1. Leah I like your pictures very much. Can you explain a little (as fas as artist secrecy allows 😉 ) how you work, what your process is? Thanks!

    1. You know I’m glad you asked for two reasons. 1) I enjoy hearing from others 2) when you commented I can actually see a link to your site so I can check it out. I’m still trying to figure out WordPress. Lol.

      To answer your question, what I’ve been doing recently is starting on several pieces at once. Once I hear back from The 4bearance, I’m able to record its documentary then I proceed with sketching/painting. I enjoy seeing several of them all displayed at once. Recently my color palate has been these hues. But I constantly enjoy switching things up to get away from the mediocrity lol. Every artist probably goes through that from the underground contemporary like myself to impressionist like Dali & Picasso.

      I hope that answers things. Now, enough about me… Time to see what you’ve been up to. ^+^

      1. Thanks a lot. Actually what i also would like to know is whether you work with models, from photos, mirror maybe? I’m just curious … 🙂

      2. I draw, paint and sketch from ordinary events. I enjoy taking an everyday subject like a woman bending or squatting and creating it into a piece of art. So occasionally I may use people I’ve come in contact with by people-watching and a variety of other methods to create one piece of art. I try to not use the same methods from day to day.

  2. Beautiful line drawing in all that, Leah. Hurragh, it looks like the Ishan are wining. What will Queen Chundra do now?

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