•Ishan Project: 241/124•



She knew from experience how quickly the Sufna could take over one’s mind. So she had placed the small specimen inside of her satchel. Jess had only carried the extra flower on her person as insurance, as a reminder. She had no idea that it would draw that bird.

Aram tries to calm her as she explains what happened.

His movements were so quick, she couldn’t anticipate his next step. Due to his insatiable appetite, he was unpredictable. Driven by rage and hunger he had lashed out at her. His talon slashed wildly at the leather strap stitched around her satchel. But in his efforts to consume its insides, he had severed her left forearm. Initially, she didn’t feel the pain because of the adrenaline rush. Once the satchel fell to the ground, the bird thrust her aside to feed on its flesh. She had barely escaped with her life. Looking back, she knew she should have listened to Jeth’s advice.

CONSOLATION / Gouache, Pastel, Graphite / 5.5″ x 8.5″


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