The Death of the Sun-Eaters

•Ishan Project: 253/112•



Starving, this bird hadn’t had a decent meal in a long time, thanks to 4Bear. Jess was shocked how quickly it consumed the bushel of flowers. Immediately, it senses the papillae on the flowers of her left arm had come in contact with the seed. It’s right talon then slices into her dominate flower. She looks into his eyes at that moment, and sees something that resembles sorrow in them. The pain of his hunger was involuntary. It was bioengineered to be this way. It had to consume at this accelerated rate in order to squelch it.  As he begins to nibble on her flowers, the Bird senses her gaze. A connection is started between them as the erythromycin begins to destroy the sun eaters that cover his feathers.

Meanwhile,  Rïden and Koyu are building up an electromagnetic charge that starts sizzling through the air. Just as Jess breaks her gaze with the bird to tell Koyu to change plans, the electric charge stikes the bird. He cries out in agony. He struggles to flap his massive wings to try to get away but then abruptly slumps, falling to the ground. Although injured from the commotion, she bends over his  body and lays her right hand on its beak. Her heart sinks as she listens to its heart beat slowly then stop.

THE DEATH OF THE SUN-EATERS/ Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″


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