Buoyant Waters

•Ishan Project: 261/104•



The fall was so sudden she hadn’t realized what had happened. As she drops, things seem to happen at slow moments. She breathes in the salty air and feels the wind brush across her. Her heart pounds so furiously as she gets near the jagged cliff. Closer, closer, closer… Then she feels the air around her stop. She feels her body begin to rise slowly then abruptly tossed into the buoyant waters. Gasping now with a mouth full of sea water, her imagination searches for some explanation of what has just transpired.

Preet watches from a distance as Violet begins swimming closer to the shore safely now. This one was too unstable. Preet now realizes her suspicions were accurate. Violet had been the culprit the entire time. She’d be banished from this point forward, but if Chûndra was wiling to go to this extreme, what other mischievous deeds did she have planned?

BUOYANT WATERS / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″


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