Laughter In The Horizon

•Ishan Project: 264/101•



As Chûndra gets closer to the young one, she grabs her purse and snatches a vial laced with a stronger dose of her sufna formula she’s been trying on some of the citizens of this small town. This wouldn’t take long, but…then she notices something that disturbs her. He’s laughing. In this small town where she has been testing out her vapor, no one laughs—as long as the vapor is working properly. What she sees next infuriates her. Somehow this little boy found a piece of chalkboard with chalk, and he’d been drawing something from his imagination. This is a threat. Only people with free will have an imagination, and no one in this town should have free will. She looks toward the horizon as she realizes that somehow those irritant flowers had affected more than the Western Hemisphere.

LAUGHTER IN THE HORIZON / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″


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