A Purposeful Leer

•Ishan Project: 274/91•



As Anali looks at a sample of the Flowers that Feed from Belgium, she notices the holes aren’t just random shapes. They are distinct and deliberate. A signature from her long rival. Although the report from Belgium mentioned that the smoke that hovered over the fields seemed random, the pattern of the damage was distinguishable. Anali smiles and laughs as she hears that more and more flowers are now beginning to have holes in them.

However, Koyu turns his head in disgust when he hears about it. One step forward and two backward. Whatever is eating the flowers is spreading and they need to stop it before it gets worse.

A PURPOSEFUL LEER / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

7 thoughts on “A Purposeful Leer

  1. Sometimes it’s the painting, sometimes the text, others the combination… this is truly a fascinating project and I do hope you succeed in doing whatever you’re planning to do with it once the 365 cycle is complete…
    I’m really glad I found you too! My name is pronounced like yours but it’s an abbreviation of Evangelia. It means ”good news”.

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