•Ishan Project: 303/62•



Preet had fallen so hard. The last thing she had seen was glass on the floor and this green vapor rushing into her nostrils. As the gas rushed into her nasal passages, she can feel its’ dark energy stinging her lungs. The pain was so unexpected and intense- then everything turned black.

Anali watches her breathing pattern. This wasn’t good. She can hear the buzzing beginning again in the adjacent room. She reaches into her satchel wrapped around her waist. The Impostors had flown around her branches earlier and sensed she had something in her possession. She uses one of the last flowers to awaken Preet. As soon as the molecules from the flower penetrate her lungs, she instantly rises up from the electric charge stimulated throughout her body. They then flee from the palace safely.

Once back with 4bear, they begin to realize this traumatic event had explained many of the questions they’d been asking themselves for some time now.

MELT / Mixed Media / 5″ x 5″


4 thoughts on “Melt

  1. Beautiful drawings, great story! And finally but of very high importance – a very Happy New Year to you, Leah! Thanks to you for last year being filled with great illustrations and gripping tales!

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