•Ishan Project: 305/60•



(Cont. from DAY 303) Fortunately, the young woman felt no pain. This, they were thankful for, and they’ll ensure her cure. As she marches to the beat of Chûndra’s drums, they remembered an experience Preet had earlier this week. The difference was that Preet’s experience was painful. She, then, was struck to sleep and awakened by Anali. But despite the penetrating affects of the flower, she experienced a case of mild amnesia temporarily.

Today, Preet leans back and reflects on the 4bearance’s efforts this year. So much has happened. Her limbs crackle in the cold darkness outside. A stiff breeze rattles her branches and it just…feels…so…good. She embraces this moment as she hears someone counting down in the distance.

Although her memory had been lost temporarily, and although she experienced pain temporarily, they at least are much closer to the source of Chûndra’s vapor.

RUSTLE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


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