•Ishan Project: 307/58•



4bear only had a limited amount of time to search for a solution to this situation. Their remaining flowers’ were dwindling at an accelerated rate. One of the last few had been used to awaken Preet back in Chûndra’s lair. And so they placed the final remnant in a magnetic steel frame.

Back in their lab, the Impostor lays before them with its’ wings beating so rapidly, they had to restrain it with metal forceps.

But something strange begins to happen. First it’s hairy fibers begin glowing. Then from it’s antennae a sharp burst of yellow energy pierces the room. Their vision glows blurry as this sonar resonates throughout their ear canals. As a last resort, Aram’s flower sends an electric charge which slices it in half. Once they’ve recovered from the echo reverberating around them, they notice the insects wings no longer beat. But they couldn’t spare any more unnecessary tactics from Chûndra tonight. They placed the moth delicately inside of a glass bell jar to inspect more thoroughly tomorrow.

As they began to leave, Netra turns to Aram suddenly and asks, “Did you hear that?”

“No mom,” Aram says. “I didn’t hear anything. Did you?”

“Hmm, it must’ve just been my imagination.”

They then click the lights off and retire from an exhausting day.

SWARM / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


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