•Ishan Project: 318/47•

317weighheavy 1


One of the Guardians dropped a package on my doorstep today.  The contents weighed heavily on her mind.

The 4bearance deliberated last night. We need to create something which will allow us to breathe while avoiding the harmful affects of Chûndra’s poison. But first, we we needed to discuss how it works. Koyu reports his findings. “This vapor she’s created  works in two ways,” he tells us. “The first component depletes both human and Ishan’s memory. The second component kills free will. It’s toxin has spread quickly across the planet coercing individuals to do her bidding. We already have the antidote, just not enough of it. What we need is to create a molecular substance with the limited amount of the antidote that will penetrate through her Vapor. And that substance needs to unfading. At least until we get rid of the Vapor permanently.” They later decided to commission me to help with the application of this substance. The first ingredient was in this package.

HEAVY / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


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