•Ishan Project: 321/44•



Something’s amiss in the air. From a distance we hear the earth shaking. “Chûndra with her Triton’s are powerful, but I have a feeling that something unexpected is coming. And it will be bigger than her. Chûndra has managed to deaden the minds of those weak and disposed already. We know we only have a short period of time to execute some sort of plan. We have enough knowledge to plan against Chûnda, but how do we plan against an unknown force?  

When Anali sees my reaction to the ground rumbling, she takes me to the side and whispers something to me regarding her new idea. She had been so excited, she hadn’t noticed the lights from the electricity in the room start to flicker. After explaining her intentions, she stops to catch her breath and to see my reaction. She sniffs her scarf wrapped tightly around her neck then smiles cleverly and asks, “Leah, did I ever tell you exactly how Rïden and Koyu woke the Ishan?”

FLICKER / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


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