Ishan Project: 325/40•



We found ourselves back in the laboratory tonight. 4bear brought the ingredients together. After much discussion we decided to first mix the tincture from the Flowers that Feed with the residue from Jeth’s glass case. Traces of Chûndra’s dark Sufna remained on the fabric of this mask. We were able to reverse engineer how the nano-tech from that formula effects glass and add it to our new formula.

When the two were combined inside of one of our large beakers, an electric pulse formed. Black bubbles float over this liquid substance, then pop abruptly. Its contents were almost ready, but we’d need something that would ignite it. Something which would demagnetize its’ polarity.  So then Netra walks out from among us. Her eyes glow bright as they erupt with an energy which pierces the liquid’s molecular structure.

Once the mix is created, the room becomes filled with a sweet smell.  Its’ scent is almost rhythmic. We call this new substance N-oid.

ROUSE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


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