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Just finished an interview with Ben Cotilletta with I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Leah Smithson
Click the link below to view Part One of a series of interviews. Thanks ahead for your time.



8 thoughts on “Interview with

  1. I totally agree with your philosophy in art; I also believe that art is a gift (and a privilege) from/to humanity that no other animal can appreciate. As such, the mere appreciation (let alone creation) of art can make us better humans…

  2. Thanks for the interview… great thoughts, and I would go further still and say that art is much more essential than merely adding enjoyment and richness to life. In the way that religion and spirituality form the very meaning and structure of a life, art is very much the central concern of life. Too often art is thought of as an add-on or a luxury that follows food, shelter, prosperity. Not so… for a human, art is the making sense of life wherever or however it is being lived. It may be experienced in a gallery, or on the production line in a drab factory. Wherever a person is creating their own internal way, that is art. Thanks again for the great work and ideas!

    1. I totally agree with you. Thanks for reading this interview and sharing your thoughts, ideas and concepts on art. This is definitely one of goals when this blog was created. In addition to debuting the Ishan Project, it was also created to provide a creative ground for artist (like yourself), collectors and/or art lovers to speak freely about a variety of subjects. I appreciate your words today.

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