Ishan Project: 328/37•



Now that they’d return, Olom Ra, Anali’s father, lay slumped on the ground. His stamina hadn’t recovered from being immobilized for centuries now. He recalls how Chûndra cut into his extremities while his conscious mind remained dormant.

Meanwhile, back in Chûndra’s lair, there is a terrible presence. Violet looks heart broken upon her “Queen”. She will make herself the remedy for her “Queen’s” broken spirit. This may actually work out well. This is the chance she’s been waiting for to prove her loyalty to Chûndra. Violet will undue all that 4bear has done and make sure Chûndra gets back her power, and then some. Then, undeniably, Chûndra will definitely acknowledge her value. To get Chûndra to fully trust her, she would need to take care of anything or anyone who will distract Chûndra. She will understand later that it is for the greater good. The first to be sacrificed will have to be Kalese.

FATHER / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


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