Why Have We 4gotten?

•Ishan Project: 330/35•



I stepped outside this morning and noticed a sweetness in the air. I looked over to my right and noticed the first buds from a tree’s flower beginning to bloom. So much has happened in these past 11 months. True Birds fly high and bring word back that the humans minds are now starting to sprout and the air once again has produced A Calm unimaginative. My mind finds it hard to digest what Chûndra’s done and how we’ve been able to survive this catastrophe. One thing had been certain however, 4bear intends to restore the geomagnetic structure of society. Soon, everyone will have the opportunity to Remember.

Once Olom Ra recovered from the shock he’d experienced a few days past, he helps us understand why we’ve forgotten…


 A CALM / Acrylic / 14″ x 24″


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