Triton II

•Ishan Project: 332/33•



Olom Ra continues, “Sickness…We had no idea that Chûndra had been working with that bird of hers to break into some of our homes during the night while many were sleeping, using a substance to put many in a deep sleep and then experimenting on some of the Ishan. She would even severe their limbs to use in their experiments. She had already slowly started poisoning the surrounding towns of humans, after she had perfected her formula. She had different plans for us. A personal vendetta. She wanted us to know she was poisoning us, and for us to watch her do it helplessly. She decided to put her plan into action on this day in 688 C.E. during our festival.

“As she stormed in with her Tritons, she had the birds fly over us releasing a gas that paralyzed us, but left us conscious. Before the poison fully took effect, we were able to take out a couple of birds and use our magnetic ability to immobilize some soldiers. It wasn’t good enough. Chûndra managed to severe a portion of my limb during the festival and mix the shavings from its’ bark with a unique chemical her father trained her to create years earlier before he’d abandon her. She made me the cause of the dark sleep. I could only watch as she quickly mixed the potion and had her birds deliver the poison thoroughly until it reached each of the Ishan who’d fallen. I remembered the flood of emotions, even now. First shock, then anger, powerless, and finally overwhelming grief. Humans, who were once dancing at the festival, slowly became weapons used by her. Their vision turned oblique as their garments changed. They soon would join the ranks of her army she coined ‘The Tritons…'”


Triton II / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


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