•Ishan Project: 339/27•



As I walked downstairs today, I noticed Violet watching me. I’ve allowed her genetically modified bugs to give her a certain amount of power. I really don’t mind others having power – as long as I can control it. I still have to keep her on a short leash.  

She’s been comforting me, recently. It has given me a measure of solace, but it also disturbs me. It reminds me of the fact that she isn’t fully under the Vapor’s influence. But don’t be confused; she is still completely under my influence.  Kind specimen….I’ve given her the gift of a bioengineered body that took me years to develop. She is the first. If some of you are fortunate, you could be next. Everyone needs a purpose. I have plans that make room for all. There are positive aspects to being cold as concrete. Chemical love is underrated. Relationships are much simpler and people, more useful. I used to receive comfort from Kalese, but now Violet is making herself a decent substitute. 

—Your Noble Servant and Queen, Chûndra

CONCRETE / Collage / 24″ x 24″


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